Meet My Clients: Social Media Management


Clare Valley Brewing Co and Jeanneret Wines – Adrian Henshall, Director


The story of us…

Hats off to Adrian and the team – they took on a wine enthusiast who was also a rookie beer drinker to manage the social media accounts of not one but two of their brands. Especially the beer brand… I mean, whaaat?! However, being the true professional that I am, I’ve worked my way through both portfolios and feel confident in my ability to talk the talk – be it wine or beer. Ours is a relationship built on fun and good times and conveying that for each individual brand personality.

Why I love working with Sonia…

+  She took the time to immerse herself in our brands and products – she knows them better than we do!

+   She goes the extra mile to help build our brands outside of socials. Sonia is the ultimate business cheerleader and referrer.  

+   The quality of work she produces means I love seeing our social media posts when they are published. I’m proud of our social media feeds.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

She just gets it done – and done well.


Austin Bloom - Estee Austin, Owner


The story of us…

I’ve long admired Austin Bloom - not just for their stunning floral arrangements but for their passion and determination. Estee and Stu Austin have turned a love of flowers and a design background from a roadside pop up shop into one of the most innovative and well respected floristry businesses in South Australia. The Austin Bloom team have welcomed me so warmly into the fold and I’ve delighted in the challenge of managing their social media in what is a fast paced, creative industry. 

Why I love working with Sonia...

+ We love working with Sonia because she is always so positive and makes everything and anything seem possible. Her vivacious energy definitely helps to boost those around her!

+ Sonia is so willing to work with our needs at any time and moment - she is so efficient and prompt to respond to the requests. We feel like we are very much taken care of.

+ Sonia is not afraid of a challenge and will do everything to make our requests happen. She will pursue an idea and help to realise it without tiring.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is...

She’s always calm and collected - not thrown easily - a Serene Swan.



Ruby Red Star Homewares – Yvette Braithewaite-Bragg, Owner


The story of us…

I feel like Yvette and I should have our own TV show. The number of ideas, questions, opinions and emojis that fly back and forth between us make for great entertainment! They also make for strong content that resonates with a loyal and engaged audience. Yvette has a great eye for unique homewares from beautiful Australian businesses and I have the lovely job of telling those brand stories online – and sharing the odd styling tip or two.

Why I love working with Sonia…

+  She gets me. I know that sounds simple, but as a business owner it makes life so much easier when someone understands how you operate and fits into your business seamlessly.

+  Sonia has taken the time to get to know my business and cares deeply about it – and it shows in her work.

+ She has been wonderful in giving Ruby Red Star its own personality and making sure it shines through in every piece of content.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

She is a sorceress of words with a supernatural ability to tell a story like no other.