Meet my 1:1 Coaching clients


She Loves Healthy Living – Sheree Lowe, Health Coach


The story of us…

I was actually wearing my other hat (as blogger, Sonia Styling) when Sheree and I first met. I was giving a presentation on personal style in the workplace at a breakfast event and we were seated opposite one another. She had the granola, I was too nervous to eat. We immediately hit it off and by the time I’d given my presentation (and my breakfast had gone cold) we’d locked in our first social media coaching session together. We’ve been making social media magic and drinking coffee together ever since.

Why I love working with Sonia…

+ Sonia is extremely knowledgeable and within the hour of our first coaching session, I had pages of practical and helpful tips to improve the way I share my passion and business on social media.

+ She has helped me build my community in a genuine and authentic way.

+ Sonia is such a beautiful soul and her support and advice makes me feel so uplifted and inspired during (and outside) of our coaching sessions.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

The way she connects with people and her generosity with her time and knowledge to help others build a brand or share their passion on social media.


Have You Met Charlie? – Lauren Harper, Owner and Curator


The story of us…

Lauren is an entrepreneur who is all heart. She created Have You Met Charlie? to showcase independent brands and artisans on a national stage. Her brand is all about colour and personality and boy do we have a lot of fun and use a lot of colourful language when we get together! In all seriousness, Lauren is a dream coaching client and I delight in seeing her turn our ideas and strategies into bright, bold reality.

Why I love working with Sonia…

+ Her enthusiasm is contagious, she really gets it and cares for me and my business.

+ Sonia tailors her advice and feedback to your business, there is nothing generic about what she says or does.

+ I look forward to my regular coaching sessions with Sonia to refresh my skills and knowledge and feel reinvigorated again about social media for my business.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

She’s a sharer! It’s not just about the coaching session we have, small tips are shared along the way to help improve things in my business. There are so many changes with all social media platforms and Sonia touches base regularly to let you know how this will affect you and how to navigate it to best suit your business.


Edited Interiors – Nadia Yelland and Caroline Owler, Co-Founders


The story of us…

As a Virgo, I was thrilled when a couple of professional organisers asked me to work with them. I said yes faster than I can tidy my house before visitors arrive. Working with Nadia and Caroline is an absolute joy as they take my advice on board with incredible enthusiasm and dare to try new things, both online and offline. Their business is gaining momentum and no doubt you’ll soon visit a friend who has had a room styled by the ladies or a space organised by them – or both.

Why I love working with Sonia…

+ She is approachable, relatable and available whenever we need her.

+ Because Sonia has grown her own social media accounts from the ground up and has first-hand experience, she has been able to expertly advise us on what works and how to build an engaged community on social media.

+ She keeps us constantly informed of the ever-changing algorithms on social media platforms and explain how the changes will affect us and what to do about it.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

Instilling those around her with the confidence to believe in their ability, and supporting them along the journey.


Wine Please – Lauren Henshall, Chief Wine Taster

Jeanneret wines - Low Res-081.JPG

The story of us…

Lauren and I met through the popular dating app – Instagram. Over lunch and a glass of wine (naturally, I let her choose) we covered every important life topic and many of the less important ones, which are much more fun to talk about. Lauren has built the ultimate business for weddings and wine lovers with a beautiful brand and engaging story to match. And yes, I still let her choose the wine. I’m not silly!

Why I love working with Sonia…

+ Sonia’s smile and energy supercharge our sessions from the first minute and I feel incredibly supported to think big and put it all on the table.

+ She’s real and has shown me that promoting my brand as a real person providing a really valuable service is all I need to do!

+ She walks her talk. Sonia’s own successes have come from the same strategies she has provided me and I can see her putting them into action every day in her own businesses, which motivates me to do the same.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

Making wine disappear.


MediPedi Nail Spa – Georgina Jamieson, Co-Founder



The story of us…

They say a woman is only helpless when her nail polish is drying, so I felt incredibly privileged to be asked by the co-founder of Adelaide’s premier nail spa to conduct an in-house Instagram coaching session for her team. I created a customised presentation and strategy for MediPedi, which I’m thrilled to see they are continuing to execute to polished perfection.

Why I love working with Sonia…

+ Her incredible knowledge of social media and ability to coach us on our business needs with tailored advice.

+ Her professional approach and delivery.

+ Her welcoming and kind personality.

I believe Sonia’s superpower is…

Her drive and dedication.