Welcome to my…

6-week group coaching program, Elevate Your Instagram!

Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

Do you love Instagram but struggle to present yourself or your brand the way you want to be seen?

Do you understand the importance of interacting on Instagram but aren’t sure what to say?

Do you wish the words flowed easily when writing captions and you knew just what to post on Instagram Stories?

If you answered yes, I’m here to help you!

Instagram is hands-down my favourite social media platform. It’s where I can be completely myself and share snippets of my life and work through imagery, video and storytelling.

It’s also the place where I’ve built both my blog (Sonia Styling) and my business (Scribe and Social).

Where I’ve organically built a combined community of over 28,000 positive, likeminded and supportive friends, peers and clients.

Now I want to share my unique perspective and experience on Instagram with you.

What can you expect?

Six weeks of supportive and inclusive coaching in a small group setting, with unlimited direct access to me.

I share everything I have learned, implemented, tested and had success with on Instagram for me and for my clients.

And you will walk away with the knowledge, clarity and confidence to show up authentically and consistently, post meaningful content that connects and cultivate an engaged and positive community.

Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

This is not for you, if you…

  • Have an advanced knowledge of Instagram and want to focus on high level, paid strategies.

  • Want to grow your following by large numbers right now and don’t care how you do it or who follows you.

  • Are not open to being coached, taught or guided by me.

  • Are not willing to be open to trying new things or to put in the work.

  • Don’t have the time to invest in your business, your Instagram presence or this program.

This is for you, if you…

  • Are new to Instagram or are comfortable with it, but want to next-level your knowledge.

  • Are an individual or a business who wants to have an authentic, heart-led presence on Instagram.

  • Want to create meaningful content that truly connects with people.

  • Want to cultivate a community of likeminded people and enjoy the time you choose to spend on Instagram.

  • Want to learn organic methods that I personally use so that you can enjoy the very best that Instagram has to offer.

Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

Here’s what we’ll cover each week…

Week 1: Profile and Presence

  • Creating a strong profile and bio that communicates your brand personality

  • Being clear on your brand personality, tone of voice and aesthetic

  • Learning how to schedule Instagram posts so you can carve out time for other strategies

Week 2: Analytics and Audience

  • Using your insights to inform your social media schedule (when to post)

  • Designing your ideal follower so they become a real person and you know just how to speak to them

  • Knowing how and when to speak to your person

Week 3: Content and Captions

  • Creating your content pillars and the topics you can post about on Instagram

  • Exploring different caption writing styles - length, calls to action, asking questions

  • The art of storytelling - how to do it your way and finding your stories to tell

Week 4: Images and Hashtags

  • Discovering your visual vibe and what that can look like on Instagram

  • How to create your own imagery and where else you can source it from

  • Hashtags – what they are, how many, which ones and how to use them

Week 5: Community and Collaborations

  • What is community engagement and how to incorporate it into your Instagram activity

  • How to be an active member of the Instagram community (two-way engagement)

  • Identifying, approaching and implementing potential collaborative opportunities

Week 6: Instagram Stories and Highlights

  • Exploring the features of Instagram Stories and other apps you can use

  • Creating an Instagram Stories strategy (what to post about and when)

  • Designing the right Highlights for your Instagram profile

And here’s how we’ll do it…

Email + Workbook + Coaching Video + Hot Seat Calls
Each week, I’ll kick things off with an email introducing the topic we’ll be covering and a PDF workbook for you to refer back to. You'll also receive a link to watch the Coaching Video for the week. You can watch this in your own time, but it’s ideal if you watch it prior to our Hot Seat Call.

What are Coaching Videos?
This is the video where I run through the topic of the week. I share my experiences, what's best practice, the latest trends and my favourite tips and tricks.

What are Hot Seat Calls?
This is your time to shine! Hot Seat Calls are your opportunity to ask questions, bounce ideas and share your journey with me and the rest of the group. The Hot Seat Calls will be held on Thursdays (time TBD - to suit the group).

(Don’t worry if you can’t make it live every week, each video will be recorded and shared with you.)

Private Facebook Group
We also have our very own private Facebook group, where you can ask questions, share your wins and lessons, ask for advice, bounce ideas around and support one another during this time. You’ll also have direct access to me through the Facebook group, so you can tag me in any posts if you want me to answer a question or share my thoughts with you.

PLUS! These free gifts from me to you:
+ 2 x bonus pre-recorded Mini Coaching Videos (value: $98)
+ 1 x bonus live 1:1 Laser Coaching Call with me! (value: $122)

Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

Are you tired of trying to figure it out alone online?

Are you over trying to gather tips from all over the place – Instagram posts, podcasts, webinars, online courses you will (let’s be honest here) never finish?

Are you ready to dedicate a relatively short amount of time to learn, be supported and up-level your Instagram?

Yes? Awesome! Because you can expect to feel:



Confident to be yourself.

Inspired to try things in a new and different way.

All the good feels for Instagram!

This group coaching program dives deeper than the freebies I’ve offered or the snippets I’ve shared in my social media posts.

And I’m offering a group coaching program because I know that my 1:1 coaching packages are a higher price point and a much bigger investment of your time. 

By the end of the 6 weeks, you can expect to:

  • Have a strong profile that immediately communicates who you are and what you do.

  • Learn how to schedule your posts so that social media isn’t taking over your life.

  • Know exactly who your audience is, how to talk to them and when to talk to them.

  • Be clear on your content strategy and know exactly what you want to post about.

  • Know your aesthetic and your vibe and how to communicate that visually.

  • Understand which hashtags you should be using.

  • Be an active member of the Instagram community through two-way engagement.

  • Know how to identify, approach and implement collaborative opportunities.

  • Have an Instagram Stories strategy and the confidence to post daily.

Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

This group is kept small so that everyone can receive individualised attention and support, which means numbers are strictly limited.

Let’s take a look at what you’ll receive over the 6 weeks…

1 x private Facebook group (value: $5,250)
6 x weekly emails + PDF workbooks (value: $466)
6 x pre-recorded Coaching Videos (value: $588)
6 x live Hot Seat Calls (value: $1,650)
Unlimited access to me for support (value: priceless!)

PLUS… these free gifts from me to you:

2 x bonus pre-recorded Mini Coaching Videos (value: $98)

1 x bonus live 1:1 Laser Coaching Call with me! (value: $122)

TOTAL VALUE = $8,174+

… BUT!

Your actual investment for the Elevate Your Instagram 6-week online group coaching program is way less than that!

Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media
Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media
Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

My Instagram story (so far…)

When it comes to social media, I am self-taught and self-built. I know what it’s like to start at zero: followers, readers, subscribers, clients.

I also have the unique perspective of what it’s like to be a blogger/influencer and a business owner.

Between my Sonia Styling and Scribe and Social Instagram accounts, I have organically built an audience of 28,000 – but it’s not the numbers that matter to me.

What matters is that I’ve built an authentic, loyal and engaged audience. One that enjoys what I share, has real, meaningful conversations with me, makes purchases based on my recommendations as a blogger and engages my services as a business owner.

The relationships I’ve built, collaborations I’ve been part of and clients I’ve had the honour of taking on? That’s what it’s all about for me.

True story: I had a coffee with someone recently who has been following me for years over on Sonia Styling and has watched me launch and grow Scribe and Social. She told me what she believes my Superpower is: Authenticity. That’s something you can’t buy or fake on social media, and you wanna know something? That made my heart so incredibly happy because I can’t help but be me and share me online – and that’s something I’m so passionate about teaching my clients.

And that’s something I want to share with you!

So, tell me… are you in?

I really hope you are, because I am so freaking excited to be able to share everything I’ve learned, implemented and believe in about my favourite social media platform with you!

I would love for you to join my 6-week Elevate Your Instagram inner circle.

See you on the inside!