HOUR OF POWER Coaching Call


Hour of Power Coaching Call

My Hour of Power Coaching Call is designed to help you through that one specific thing you really want to deep dive into. 

It could be…

+ developing a social media plan
+ creating a month’s worth of content ideas
+ learning how to use Instagram Stories
+ creating hashtag sets
+ designing an email welcome series
+ creating an influencer collaboration campaign

just about anything, really!

What’s included: 

+ The offering is 1-hour in total and is via Zoom video call.
+ All of my tried and true tips, tricks, and recommended resources.
+ My full and undivided attention, with me 100% in flow and focused on you.

The investment:

+ This offering is valued at $250 (+GST).

Follow-up Call:

+ A 30-minute follow up call is available via Zoom video call.
+ This offering is valued at $110 (+GST).

Special Offer…

If you take up the Hour of Power Coaching Call and subsequently sign up for an Ignite 1:1 Coaching Package, I will deduct the price of the Coaching Call from your Coaching Package!

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