Sonia Bavistock, Scribe and Social, Social Media Coach, Copywriting, Social Media

I created Scribe and Social because I’ve seen way too many business owners struggling with social media.  

I’ve also had countless coffees (decaf almond milk latte for me, thanks!) with these awesome people who have asked me to share my tips, tricks and insights with them.

And I’ve done so willingly because I have no secrets to keep – I want everyone to do well!

I believe in you.

 I believe with the right tools, guidance and support your business can thrive online. 

I am here to champion your brand story, help navigate the social media terrain and showcase your uniqueness online.

 All with equals parts substance and style.


Allow me to formally introduce myself. I'm Sonia, and what you see is what you get. 

That is: when you work with Scribe and Social, you're only working with me.

Actually, that’s not totally true. You work with me and my Chief Happiness Officer, Amalfi. Except he doesn’t seem to do very much other than look cute.

But I digress.

I will always under promise and over deliver. That's just how I roll.

You can expect friendly, familiar and lots of fun.  Also expect honesty, integrity, care and kindness – at all times.

I’ve always believed that it’s my purpose to help people, so I’ve taken my two passions – writing and social media – to create Scribe and Social. 


Unlike many other social media managers, I’m also a blogger/influencer at Sonia Styling.

I understand both sides of the coin. 

I also know what it’s like to start from zero. Zero readers, followers and newsletter subscribers.

I have an audience of loyal, kind, intelligent and fabulous women who follow me online and read my blog. I’ve worked with huge, national brands and I’ve also worked with small, local businesses. 

I don't believe in competition. I believe in collaboration. And, so I’m here sharing what I’ve learnt, what has worked for me and what I know is required to build an engaged and loyal audience. 

I’m consistently excited by the challenge of finding the perfect combination of words and finding new and interesting ways to talk about the same topic.

I get a buzz when I receive an email from a social media management client high fiving me for awesome content.

I get a thrill when a coaching client sends me a message to say they took my advice and went for it… and it WORKED!

It’s the tiny victories that make me want to do a happy dance!

My intention is to take the stress out of social media for small businesses.

Together, I believe we can ignite a spark in your brand story. I will encourage you to step into the spotlight and connect with your followers. Genuinely connect. 

I see social media as a conversation starter. A place to be discovered, followed, liked and loved. It’s just one piece of the business puzzle but I want it to shine for you.


I stand for...

being true to myself and true to my clients.

As well as, authenticity and kindness. 

Nice guys DO NOT finish last – they get to work with awesome people and do what they love. Your vibe attracts your tribe, y’know.

I stand for living my days helping people and making people happy. With a side of fresh flowers, sushi and French Champagne.

I pride myself on my relationships.

And, also the fact that I am the solopreneur behind Scribe and Social. 

I am the one who'll meet with you to discuss your needs.

If you choose to outsource - I'm the one who'll create your social media content schedule, write your captions, upload your images and engage with your community.

If you choose to keep things in-house - I'm the one who'll coach you, answer your questions, give you ideas and share all of my tips and tricks. 

And, I'm the one who'll be at the other end of an email or phone call whenever you need. 

I love working directly with YOU. 

I want to get to know you and your brand. 

I want to be part of your team. 

I am available. 

I care. 

And, I am here to help you shine. 

So let’s do this!

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